Warning and Safety

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We’re still growing after 140 years because we continue to innovate and develop. Take the Lucas Warning & Safety range, which includes Beacons, Lightbars, Minibars, Reversing Alarms, CCTV and Worklamps. It’s been completely updated and expanded to offer even more options and even better performance.

Now you can buy Lucas beacons with any colour lens: LED Beacons, Cordless Beacons, Mining and Quarry Beacons and Forklift Beacons. Our Lightbars have been expanded to include a complete range of economical Lightmaster bars. And there are now two completely new ranges unique to Lucas: the Cometmaster range and Starmaster range. Supplementing these bars are the completely revamped Minibar programmes, from an enhanced programme of standard Micromaster Minibars to the fantastic Ultra master LED Minibar range, and the amazingly bright Starmaster bars.