Diesel Test Equipment

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Lucas Diesel Test Equipment offers many potential solutions for multi-brand diagnosis and repair of diesel system components.

Our products go from complex and sophisticated equipment that can perform testing on multiple injectors and system components within the same machine, such as common rail pumps, common rail injectors, common rail piezo injectors and pump injector systems, right down to individual machines that can, for example, use mini robotics for precise calibration of common rail Injectors and common rail piezo injectors.

Whatever needs you have in terms of being able to diagnose and repair diesel systems, Lucas Test Equipment has the answer.

All of our equipment is:

  • Suitable for each type of garage
  • Plug & Play
  • Easy to use
  • Capable of automatic, semi-automatic and/or manual work programmes
  • Of maximum quality and precision, providing approved tests
  • Permanently updated online