Ahead of its time.

Ahead of its time. The Lucas Jaguar Prometheus semi-autonomous vehicle – from 1994!

These days, we get used to reading about the latest developments in semi-autonomous driver assisted systems, many of which are introduced on each new manufacturer model as the ‘latest must-have’.

In fact, 23 years ago, Lucas was the world technology leader in semi-autonomous driving in partnership with Jaguar. Using a unique and highly advanced Lucas developed computer system and millimetric radar, the car featured such systems as Lane Guard, Lane Guide Centring, using sensors on the EPS system, Collison Warning, Automatic Emergency Braking, Adaptive Cruise Control and more.

This ground breaking technological breakthrough is a clear demonstration of the innovative approach that has always been a hallmark of Lucas products, then, now and into the future.


When it comes to leading the way, you can Trust Lucas.