2016 Records strong growth for Lucas Global Programmes

The famous green box is more ubiquitous than ever this year, with strong new programmes introduced for Diesel Injection and Filtration – and more to be announced soon.

We are actively looking for opportunities to continue the growth of this world famous brand – the oldest continuously trading name in automotive history – and so if you are interested in bring to market products that you believe would benefit from our extensive network, marketing and legal support, you need to talk to Lucas.

Although automotive products are best suited for the brand due to its long history in automotive technologies, the awareness of the brand can also stretch to other mechanical or electrical areas with success.

To become part of the Lucas Global Programme, your products will need to conform to all relevant safety standards in the markets within which you wish to sell them and must meet quality criteria of our own. Provided that there is no other Lucas product of the same type selling within those geographic regions, you will be offered exclusivity in return for a negotiable royalty payment.

Once trading as Lucas, you will receive help with branding, packaging, legal protection of your products and other centralised help that can really make a difference to the easy introduction of new product programmes and distribution.

Put simply, the Lucas brand opens doors.

What could you sell?

For more information, please get in touch with us at tim.ward@trw.com