Coming soon! Unique formulations for car care!

Coming soon! Unique formulations for car care!

We are excited to announce that we will shortly be offering a range of car care products that are unique and offer simple solutions for problems that have previously been hard to fix.

Headlamp Restorer

When the sun takes off the factory UV resistant coating from headlamps, they quickly yellow and go cloudy: this is not only dangerous whilst driving at night, but can result in a vehicle test fail. Our new product not only clears this quickly and is simple to use without sanding of other harsh abrasives, it also adds back UV protection for a long lasting solution.

Lens crack repair kit

Careless parking can easily cause a crack in a taillight or headlamp. In turn, this will let in water which will quickly degrade the rest of the lighting unit. Such damage will also result in a vehicle test failure. The Lucas crack repair kit is safe and easy to use and can even bridge small holes where the plastic is missing. Simple, effective and long lasting.

Air conditioner deodoriser and sanitiser

Mould and mildew can breed in the pipes of air conditioning systems, carrying microbes which can cause illness and make the air smell musty and unpleasant. Notoriously difficult to get rid of without stripping back the system, our new Lucas product is applied via a pipe straight into a dashboard vent and then foams around the whole system, cleaning it and sanitising it whilst leaving behind a fresh, appealing scent.

Watch this space for more news on this exciting range very soon!